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The makings of Exclusive

Luxury swiftly

Exclusive Residence are the luxury builders in Perth with the ability to consistently build luxury homes within 12 months, guaranteed. This doesn’t mean that we rush, it means that we have the experience and proven processes to achieve true luxury within an acceptable time frame.

Our homes have won the awards that prove our design and construction prowess and the premium luxury standards we achieve.

Perth display homes
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Build with us

Many people choose Exclusive Residence as their Perth luxury home builder. Take a look at our homes, and customer testimonials, and you’ll find the proof.

As a Western Australia owned and operated company with more than a decades worth of properties in our portfolio, we are proud to deliver a luxury and custom turnkey experience to exclusive clients across the state.

Our commitment to excellence is well recognised and we have been awarded many prestigious building awards, including the Master Builders National ‘Housing Excellence Award’.

Exclusive is different

What separates Exclusive Residence from other custom builders in Perth? This is a good question to ask, and there are a small number of important factors that make our approach to building custom luxury homes superior to many other builders.

Luxury in 12 months

This is our most unique point of difference and a true rarity with custom and luxury home builders in Perth. The details of how we achieve this will have to wait, but when you sit down with Exclusive Residence Director and Builder, John Douglas, or a member of our team, they will be happy to share our process with you.

S2F Start to Finish

Our S2F program gives you maximum confidence and peace of mind with unrivalled certainty and transparency through every part of the building process. It starts with our first meeting and continues to when we hand over the keys. You will have control of the design process and enjoy watching your vision come to life via ongoing updates and feedback at every stage.

Premium service

We offer a premium service that is rarely matched. What makes our service exceptional, starts with our ability to operate within strict timeframes, without compromising quality. Our ability to deliver luxury swiftly, removes the need for long-term rent, and other financial factors involved with construction. We have saved our clients up to 10% on their new home process.

As a result, Exclusive Residence has introduced an alternate methodology that firmly places the controls within the Clients hands, to give them security, foster trust, save money and time and deliver to them the information they need to make informed decisions.

With Exclusive Residence you will partner with Perth’s most talented Architects, Building Designers and Interior Designers.

The old adage that you’re only limited by your imagination, absolutely rings true. If you can envision it, and it lies within the possibilities of your land and our home models, we can make it happen. Not sure where to start? There are countless sources of design inspiration, from well-thought-out homes in your neighbourhood to architectural catalogues. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us the nuances of designing homes that are as practical as they are beautiful. We will be able to guide you through the process step by step.

Countless customisation options, a 12-month turnaround guarantee and an unbreakable commitment to quality and service is what makes Exclusive Residence your best choice of custom home builders in Perth. Contact us today to find out how we can turn your dream into a reality.

Collaborating with the best

At Exclusive Residence we believe the true magic formula for creating an outstanding, custom designed residence of architectural merit comes from the ‘recipe’ for a passionate, dedicated team of professionals. These include your Architect / Designer, Interior Designer, Builder and the sub-contractors who engage co-operatively and recognise the client as principal.

This operational principal develops trust and teamwork and fosters creativity and innovation. It is in this space where a fusion of art, architecture and building form and function coalesce to create a modern interpretation of a place and space for enhanced living.

Learning from experience

Looking at the typical ways in which a client engages both Architect / Designers and Custom Builders, we look at what past clients have told us and what we have personally encountered throughout our many years within the custom, luxury building industry.

Exclusive Residence has taken an objective, business-like assessment of the process, risks and outcomes with the ways in which most clients approach the engagement to design and build their custom homes.


Experienced, Professional, Transparent

As a highly awarded and recognised luxury home builder in Perth, we are here to work with people who are at a certain stage in their lives, either financially, or in terms of the lifestyle they want to live.

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