John Douglas

“Communication is a strong point at Exclusive Residence. We make sure we have everything we need from the beginning. We want you to be informed, confident and relaxed in the knowledge that your home is being built the way you want it.”

When you decide to build your luxury home in Perth, you will have many things on your mind including translating your vision into a beautifully designed, functional home plus timing, budget and a certain level of style and luxury.

You want to complete your project within a certain time frame and budget. These factors are central to any new home, and vitally important to our team. You don’t have time to waste, you want premium design concepts and finishes, and you want to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly too.

Some builders would say they can deliver a home quickly. Exclusive Residence goes one step further. We commit to a 12-month timeframe, from earthworks to completion and this is unprecedented in Perth.

Owner and Master Builder John Douglas takes personal interest and involvement in every home built by Exclusive Residence to ensure this promise is upheld.

At Exclusive Residence, we all believe that deciding who will design and build your dream home is a significant decision, right up there with your education, career, marriage and children.

We understand that, and our understanding comes from Master Builder and Director, John Douglas. John comes from a family of committed, boutique builders in Western Australia, with a heritage and legacy in building that goes back over 120 years.

John understands what it takes to deliver a luxury home that exceeds expectations, and he has built a team dedicated to making that process controlled, efficient, and enjoyable for every person we build with.

John and his team will walk you through the entire process, ensuring you receive a premium service defined by creative and award winning design, the highest build quality and well controlled and proven build processes.

We understand that between your career, family and daily life, you don’t have time to consider every decision that goes into a home. With a luxury custom home, you should be free to enjoy the excitement and anticipation, without worrying about the details. This is the freedom our process gives you.

We have the experience to take the lead and ensure your home is built according to your concept and design inspirations. At the same time, we recognise that people want to understand the process and be informed.

At Exclusive Residence, we strike a balance to give you the information you need to stay informed, while avoiding excessive communication that wastes time and energy.

To make it easy for you to track progress, we give you access to a dedicated online portal with weekly updates including photographs of the construction process and progress reports. Your personal construction contact will also send updates via SMS and email, so you are always in touch with the latest developments.

Of course you’ll want progress reports so that you know everything is going to plan. We take care of this by providing you with a dedicated portal through our website with weekly updates, which include photographs of the construction process as well as progress reports. Your personal construction liaison will also provide information via SMS and email, so you are always up-to-speed with the latest developments.

After 25 years building Luxury custom homes of all sizes and budgets, we have refined a formula of “Speed, Quality, Value and Service”, which is setting the standard for this and other generations to come.