Are You Building A Custom Home… Beware!

Custom Home Builders Perth
Exclusive Residence was created with the belief that a custom-built home should be top of the line.

For the past 25 years Exclusive Residence has proved to be the premier solution for Custom built home in Perth, both by outstanding quality, superior design and efficiency. Recently over the past 5-7 years we’ve noticed a dangerous trait in our custom home niche in Perth, W.A, which because of the lack of experience and lack of quality workmanship has created a lot of corner cutting and a lot of inefficiencies, many times these businesses are gone before the home owner knows there are problems with the home. By the time they try and solve the issues by going back to the builder / manufacturer they discover they are gone…

Here at Exclusive Residence, we want to provide you the most up to date and current understanding of the custom-built home market so you can make the most effective decision for your home purchase. This is because your home purchase may very well be the most important purchase you ever make in your entire life for you and your family.

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Experienced, Professional, Transparent

As a highly awarded and recognised luxury home builder in Perth, we are here to work with people who are at a certain stage in their lives, either financially, or in terms of the lifestyle they want to live.

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