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Are You Building A Custom Home… Beware!

Exclusive Residence was created with the belief that a custom-built home should be top of the line. For the past 25 years Exclusive Residence has proved to be the premier solution for Custom built home in Perth, both by outstanding quality, superior design and efficiency. Recently over the past 5-7 years we’ve noticed a dangerous […]

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The Benefits Of Custom Home Building With Exclusive Residence

At Exclusive Residence we build superior, turn-key, quality custom-built homes that are designed to be appreciated for generations to come. We offer homes where your family will live, your children will grow, your friends will enjoy, your parents will admire and your colleagues will envy. We know that your home is your castle and a […]

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Understanding Energy Efficiency

All new homes built in Perth are required to meet the Building Code of Australia’s (BCA) energy efficiency requirements. This is part of a comprehensive strategy being undertaken by the Australian, State and Territory Governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The desired outcome of building an energy efficient home is to use less energy while […]

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Choosing The Right Perth Home Builder

Building and designing your own home will probably be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. With significant time and money on the line, it’s only natural that you’ll want the best custom home builder in Western Australia for the job. But how do you know you’re choosing the right building professional for your […]

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New homes in Perth more popular

New homes in Perth more popular With the latest interest cut and the federal budget announcement starting to have an effect on the property market, it’s interesting to see what consumers intend to do over the next few months. According to the latest research from Roy Morgan, 1.3 million Australians intended to build or buy […]

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Luxury Renovation Project – Victoria Avenue, Dalkeith

Dalkeith Luxury Renovation Project – Victoria Avenue Exclusive Residence – Perth’s Award Winning Custom Home & Renovation Specialists. We started on site in Victoria Avenue, Dalkeith last week, building an Alfresco that we are aiming to complete in just 3 weeks. Here are some photos of our progress so far:Progress, week ending 07 December: We […]

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Luxury Renovation Construction Update – Victoria Avenue, Dalkeith

Luxury Renovation Construction Update – Victoria Avenue, Dalkeith Exclusive Residence – Perth’s Award Winning Custom Home & Renovation Specialists We started on site in Victoria Avenue, Dalkeith in December 2016 and began building an Alfresco that is now complete! Here are some photos of the completed project: The completed addition of the Alfresco that blends […]

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Custom light fittings for your custom home

Custom light fittings for your custom home When it comes to choosing light fittings for a luxury home, there are several ways you can tackle the project. Of course with Exclusive Residence’s S2F process you will have guidance from top interior designers and a professional lighting designer, but in general, these are the considerations you […]

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Could the MAX Light Rail project affect Perth’s house prices?

A city’s infrastructure is closely related to the property market that surrounds it. After all, while a custom luxury home is valuable in its own right, the potential for capital gains really rests on the region’s public services. Facilities such as telecommunications, transport systems and so on are always highly sought after, and projects that […]

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3 features every luxury custom home needs

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, building a new custom home is an opportunity to create a sophisticated property that provides the ultimate balance between comfort and style. Of course, there are many ways to achieve this, and as Perth’s premier luxury home builders we’ve seen many of them. From high stud ceilings […]

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How to make your custom designed home a piece of art

In this modern age of plenty, we tend to have time for the finer things in life. We can appreciate good wine, take in a play and speculate on the meaning behind an artist’s vision. And this appreciation for beauty doesn’t stop when we reach our own front doors. The modern luxury home can be an […]

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