The Oceanview – Doubleview

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About the project

How we demolished a tired, run down old home that had no views and built a brand new reverse living home design that captures almost 180 degrees views of the ocean…

It’s too common that great blocks have homes that don’t take advantage of views, and this big block in Doubleview was no exception.

Initially, the home owners were considering a renovation of the existing home – however no matter what they did with their design ideas, they just couldn’t capture the stunning ocean views that were accessible from their block. So after consulting with Exclusive Residence, we were able to show them how they could build a new home, in a different area of their block and enjoy almost 180 degrees of ocean views from the first floor living zones.

The result is The Oceanview – a practical family home with a stunning living area on the first floor with spectacular ocean views that can be enjoyed for the life of this fine residence.

To our clients delight, The Oceanview only took 8 months from start to finish – ready to move in.

Display Home: 77 Paramatta Rd, Doubleview WA 6018, Australia Please note: The Oceanview Display is now permanently closed.