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Our Difference

We have found that most people find Exclusive Residence Virtual Reality technology allows them to get an accurate sense of scale, depth and spatial understanding of their future home

Walk through your house…

…before the foundation has even been laid.

Exclusive Residence remains ahead of the industry with state-of-the art virtual reality technology. Much more than the standard VR experience, Exclusive Residence allows clients to virtually walk through their home from the floorplan.

When you build with us, you will receive an accurate sense of scale, depth, and spatial understanding of your future home.

Live a Virtual Reality Inside Your Newly Designed Home Before It Has Been Built!

With remarkable progress being made in the virtual reality industry, it’s now possible to step into your designed home before it has been built, change floor tiles, paint it and furnish it literally at the click of a button, This gives you a chance to make wise decisions on design and ambiance by seeing the quality, cost, finishes, colours, and materials.

Virtual reality in building design lets designers and clients bring their dreams to life. And while classical design methods lack depth and realism, virtual reality allows the designer and client to create inspiration and work together even if they are working in two different places in the world. VR in building design and architecture is becoming the new creative solution for bridging the gap between designers and consumers.

VR in interior design and storytelling

Having an interesting story in the design process is what makes it unique. Virtual reality gives the client the chance to live a real story about their house. Storytellers are taking the needs of their clients into consideration.

Virtual reality in interior design and architecture allows the Client to be a part of their own design story, creating a virtual reality that lets them feel they are really present in a space that has yet to come to real life. Clients and designers love the idea that technology allows them to live and tell their personal vision of their future spaces.

With virtual reality offered by Exclusive Residence through the architectural design and interior selection process in collaboration with our Clients we can deliver:

  • A clear answer to most Clients instinctive question: How will my home look?
  • See what the Builder ,interior designer and architect visualise.
  • Visualise unlimited alternatives for colours, materials, and furniture.
  • Get creative ideas for your new internal spaces
  • Visualise the exact design with the perfect time and budget

There are plenty of opportunities and benefits to being able to experience a home that has not yet been built when we use virtual reality in our building design journey together It is the best way to preview a design, spot mistakes before they happen and save time. VR gives the chance to ‘step foot’ into your dream home and its exterior and interior spaces before it even exists.

Live a Virtual Reality Inside Your Newly Designed Home Before It Has Been Built!

Virtual Reality (VR) takes our projects places our Clients would never thought possible. The cutting-edge VR technology provides an immersive, sensory first-person viewing experience that can take their home design experience from good to amazing – perhaps even to another world!

Few Clients can truly read plans, let alone visualise them in 3 dimensions and have any concept of space and volume. 3 DVR or VDC (Virtual Design & Construct) can cement an engaging relationship through the design process and time and money can be saved by avoiding variations to design and specification early in the process.

We offer 3D VR to our Clients in 2 stages the first being at a pre-DA stage when the concept drawings have been established enough to create the BIM’s (Building Information models).

The VR development process does NOT add time to our S2F process as most of the work runs concurrently with the early concept design and whilst the project is working through the DA and Working Drawings phases.

How 3D VR can add Value to Exclusive Residence Clients

The best way to experience 3D VR in a truly immersive way is from within a VR lounge where our Client wears VR goggles.

Our VR lounge is a space of approx. 4 m x 4m, with a sofa, coffee table and a big 4K screen T.V.

Each Client can wear the goggles and enter the virtual space, whilst one is immersed, the other is following their journey through their virtual home on the big screen.